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Definition of a Transsexual Escort

Definition of a Transsexual Escort
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This is where things get slightly Tricky and can get confusing for someone who’s a complete newbie to the transsexual escort world now the term or should we say the terminology of transsexual escorts is no different to when we refer to someone as a trans escort a ladyboy escort or a shemale escort.

The only definite difference is that sometimes the term shemale escort is predominantly used within the porn industry it’s a very slutty term that is used to describe a very robotic fantasy that clients have and it is completely sexual when you’re referring to a transsexual person.

As a beautiful big cocked or big-titted or buxom blonde shemale escort you’re actually referring to her in a very slutty converted Manor

There is nothing wrong with this because this is what they promote but getting back to the topic of a transsexual escort or transsexual person this is a very scientific term that is normally used within a very formal atmosphere.

It could be something a doctor will use to describe a transsexual person someone in government and application form this is a very respected term and is actually a very polite way for you to describe a transsexual person without causing any offense or hardship the term ladyboy is normally used to describe East Asian transsexuals who easily refer to themselves as ladyboys

It distinguishes their nationality from any other race there isn’t any other reason why they refer to themselves as ladyboy isn’t because they still see themselves as boys it’s mainly to do just to distinguish themselves from different nationalities

So when you hear the term ladyboy you think it’s probably someone from East Asian nationality so the term transsexual or transsexual escorts is actually a very well-rounded term that describes many different forms of transsexual escorts from all different nationalities but it’s a term which is mainly used in a very formal atmosphere.

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