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Difference Between a Transsexual Escort & Prostitute

Transsexual Escort and Prostitute
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Frankly speaking, there’s a huge difference between a transsexual escort and shemale prostitute the main difference is an escort or shemale escort charges you money to spend time with you as for a prostitute we all know this is solely based on sex it’s you pay the money you have the sex you leave that’s it you’re not paying for a company you’re not paying to talk to her you are just paying to have sexual activities.

Now the difference between shemale escorts and a shemale prostitute is that with a shemale escort you are actually paying for conversation for a great time and great atmosphere it’s always best to go with a shemale escort than a prostitute in this day and age because normally prostitutes are doing this to earn money quick money to feed their drug habits or their gambling habits or normally there’s a Pimp or someone controlling her money and her moves now with an independent shemale escort you are sole with her there is no third party involved you won’t have an encounter with another person you definitely know she’s not being forced into this as it’s something she is doing herself this is a business transaction with a shemale escorts

They are conducting their business this is what they do

They pay taxes on their business and communicate within her business she carries out her business with the greatest of precision and efforts that are the reason why people clients especially prefer a shemale escorts over a shemale prostitute any given day especially with the online world changing so rapidly as she male prostitute does not really exist anymore that term is not used within the adult industry definitely not used within the sex industry because it’s escorting whatever isĀ  been doneĀ  behind closed doors between two consenting Adults that is just down to the two adults it’s no one else’s business

Why Are Shemale Escorts Safer Than Prostitute

Basically, because they are healthy and they are safe they conduct their business in an atmosphere preferably their own personal home which is safe and secure because of where they live.

With prostitutes normally in the third world and developing countries they actually work outside where they are vulnerable they are exposed to harm and dangerous individuals that’s the main difference why is always safer to go with a shemale escort in a prostitute always play it Safe secondly you know with a shemale escort is accepting money for her time so whatever she does in between that time is safe and secure she definitely uses protection there is no shemale escort that will not use protection she will get tested every other week.

she will make sure she is clean she’s safe and she’s secure the problem with a prostitute is especially a trans  she’s working on the street maybe she doesn’t have the money or the funds to protect herself not that she wants to but unfortunately circumstances aren’t allowing her to be safe she doesn’t have the means to buy protection or to be safe as

Some Clients Unfortunately Are As Disgusting

As they can get and they actually Force some prostitutes to have unprotected sex which is not only dangerous it is very very irresponsible because that is the main course of HIV unprotected anal sex with a shemale escort.

You’re probably dealing with someone who is highly educated intrigued with what she does and extremely smart not that prostitutes are stupid and have no knowledge of what they’re doing unfortunately because of the financial circumstances most of them might not have even finished school they’re feeling vulnerable the feeling gullible because they’re outside on the street and this is what makes not them dangerous but the situation can become extremely uncomfortable for any respectful client.