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Perspective From a Transgender Sex Worker

Perspective From a Transgender Sex Worker
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As an audience that is highly critical of what people do and how people make money is the reason why it’s very important to get an overlooked perspective from a transgender worker of what it means to have a functioning life where you are supporting yourself where are you where you are working legally and you can provide everyday life’s necessity’s

Transgender sex workers are workers who are not just unregulated on undocumented workers who are an officially proper worker who pays taxes who pays National Insurance credibility in the field that they actually carry out their work.

So the last thing you should think is it’s just because someone is a transgender worker who works within the trans community or within the LGBT community that they are undocumented and that they work completely under the table that is a false narrative!

Which has been scrutinizing the LGBT community for many years this is completely false especially in European countries which are developed and which recognize transgender women as a gender they all work legally the ones that are based in the country who are from their pay their taxes make their contributions to society without fail,

So for someone from the outside to just assume because of their lack of ignorance that all transgender sex workers just take cash in hand never declare anything is completely false or they all work illegally meaning they are haven’t got the correct papers to be in the country

They come and leave and they just down in money that is so far from the truth the reality is they are hard-working members of a community what they choose to do with their own personal bodies that are their choice that’s the reason why we live in a free country a free world where people are allowed to express themselves as long as you are not offensive to your neighbor.

Transgender Sex work for everyone?

Of course not when we refer to transgender work we are not only talking specifically about sex work A transgender worker could be anyone that could be working in a restaurant or could be working in a shop she could be working in a bank etc

That’s what is referring to transgender rights in a workplace see or he has the same rights as a normal worker there is no difference whatever right you will get as a full-body workout is the same right-side transgender worker will get now,

Unfortunately, some countries are extremely scrutinizing towards the LGBT community conservative countries that do not approve of the LGBT community, and frankly, they do not tolerate anything that is even remotely related to this community these are the people that are being oppressed that not allowed to have a functioning life they cannot support themselves and most of them are actually in poverty surviving day today.

Full Rights of a Transgender Worker

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As an audience looking in your probably thinking well don’t transgender people have different rights from normal workers BIG NO! Why should they?

They are probably more hard-working than conventional workers because they understand the scrutiny that they have to go through just to get a normal job that’s the reason why some of the best employees are transgender workers and they have rights like everyone else!

They’re entitled to the compensation they definitely get sick pay they also get their annual leave these are just a few fundamental points that are very important to highlight because a lot of people and their ignorance.

Unfortunately, they think that transgender people have no right to a conventional job besides sex work which is completely false, yes, a lot of transgender women do pick sex work not because their limited or they are uneducated and intellectual is because they are chasing the money.

The kind of finances that they can accumulate in escorting cannot even be compared to a nine to five and some actually enjoy being their own boss who doesn’t who wouldn’t want to be able to wake up at a time that you dictate accept who you like to set a price which is fair to you and your client these are just a few points why sex work is popular within the transgender community especially the trans escorts they do like the escort Job in.

In Fact, It’s able to provide them a very comfortable life that a normal nine-to-five job sometimes cannot achieve so it’s not anything related to that they lack any sort of customer service

If they did they would not be so popular within the escort field because the whole job of escort revolves around customer service you’re in the presence of a stranger someone that you have to try and make feel at ease as much as you can you know,

You have to be able to communicate freely so it’s not communication that holds them back it is basically financed they are all about their money anybody that knows the LGBT community knows one thing they are all about the money

They want their money and they want it now if someone is willing to pay more to them that’s where they will go they’re not concerned with who they work for or how they work they are just interested in the kind of money they are going to earn,

It’s been a long hard journey to truly achieve this kind of fundamental and everyday rights for the LGBT community especially for transgender sex workers but it has been done after a very long vigorous campaigning protesting everyday petitions of the petitions eradicating ignorance in governments has achieved this great deal of success.